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We the Wild – Protect Spray with Neem

We the Wild – Protect Spray with Neem


Discover the secret to lush, shiny, and well-protected leaves, without the dangerous, smelly chemicals.

Simply spray this pet-safe formulation on the top and bottom of your leaves, and notice an instant transformation. Each bottle combines powerful Australian essential oils with highly active Neem Oil to provide broad-spectrum dust protection & remedy.

The best bit? It’s packed full of the enzymes needed to protect leaves from the environmental stressors that make leaves struggle.

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Product Information;

-Lemon Scented

-Backed by Science

-Safe for Pets

-Australian Inspirted

-Instant Results 

-Certified Organic & Easy to Use



Targets leaves at both a cellular, and topical level, to get better results. Highly effective Lemon Myrtle, Neem Oil and a few secret ingredients are scientifically formulated to give your leaves a plant powering kick! Plus, the fine mist of our bottle ensures even coverage and less waste.


How to Use;

Use in the morning or afternoon, avoiding direct sunlight.

For prevention:

1. Shake the bottle well. If using liquid pouch, shake and decant into spray bottle.

2. Gently mist the top and underside of leaves in a ventilated area.

3. To remove dust, wipe leaves with our Leaf Cleaning Gloves.

4. Repeat fortnightly

For when leaves are struggling:

1. Repeat steps above, but cover the plant’s stem and top soil.

2. Repeat every 2-4 days.

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