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We the Wild – Grow Concentrate Plant Food

We the Wild – Grow Concentrate Plant Food


Want to see fast growth, new shoots, and large leaves all year round?

This highly active plant food is like an energy shot for your potted plants. It’s formulated for fast absorption and can be used on all your plants, all year round.

Simply shake and squirt it into your water to give your plants the essential bacteria, enzymes, and nutrients that they need for explosive growth!


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Product Information;

-Safe for Pets

-Certified Organic & Easy to Use

-Low Odour & great for all 4 seasons

-Made in Australia

Made by Earthworms



Our cutting edge plant food harnesses the power of earthworms, to get your plant pumping like it would in nature. Each drop is packed with growth promoting bacillus bacteria, enzymes, hormones, nutrients and micronutrients. It works WITH all your plants natural function, to keep them growing all year round.


How to Use;

Rest easy knowing that you can’t burn or overdose your plants – the more, the better!
1. Shake your bottle or liquid pouch and unscrew the cap.
2. Squirt approx. 1ml/L into the bottom of your watering vessel (a few good squirts works well). The liquid will become odourless once water is added.
3. * Optional * add a pinch of any sugar to supercharge the microbes in your solution.



Is it safe for pets?

Our products have been independently tested and verified by the Animal Poisons Centre to be safe for pets, however you should store packages out of pets reach.

How long will it last?

This last 40+ plants 2-3 months, and can be used throughout the whole year.

How should I store it?

Store it upright, under 30 degrees, and out of direct sunlight.

What plants can I use it on?

Grow is safe for all plants, and is specially formulated for plants in pots, however you can use it on outdoor plants if desired.

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