Swearing Fines Money Tin

Swearing Fines Money Tin


Introducing the Swearing Fines Money Tin – a playful way to curb your colorful language and save some spare change! This cheeky coin bank turns expletives into dollars, with a self-imposed fine system. Every time you slip up and let a word slip that’s less than polite, drop a coin into the tin and watch your savings grow. It’s a humorous reminder to keep your language clean while having fun and building your financial future. With its witty design and light-hearted approach, the Swearing Fines Money Tin makes saving money and improving your vocabulary an entertaining journey. Get ready to turn your slips into savings!

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  • Tin with padlock to discourage dipping into savings
  • Has a list of “fine-able offences” and what they’ll cost
  • New take on the traditional “Swear Jar”



  • 77(L) x 77(W) x 107(H) mm
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