Poo in Progress Warning Sign

Poo in Progress Warning Sign


Introducing the “Poo in Progress” Warning Sign – your friendly reminder that there’s business in motion!

This whimsical sign adds a touch of humor to one of life’s most common occurrences. Hang it on your bathroom door to give your family and guests a good chuckle while ensuring some privacy during those critical moments. Crafted with a fun design, this sign is both functional and amusing, making it a quirky addition to any restroom.

Let your bathroom etiquette shine with the “Poo in Progress” Warning Sign – because everyone deserves a little laughter with their bathroom break!

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  • Double-sided, eye-catching and easy to assemble
  • Prevent workplace accidents and disturbances with this helpful sign
  • Great gift for colleagues



  • 120(L) x 15(W) x 250(H) mm
  • Polybag
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