Constructive Eating – Dino Plate

Constructive Eating – Dino Plate


A must for Dinosaur fans and Fussy Eaters!

The Dino Plate’s patented design features a ramp that leads up to the spoon’s “cave” so kids can learn how to push their way to better eating habits! The Dino Pusher pushes food up the ramp to the Dino Spoon.

The plate’s design also features larger and smaller sections, making it easy to keep food separate for those picky eaters. No more peas touching the mashed potatoes!

  • Make Meals Fun
  • Build Independence
  • Made of Safe Materials: All products are made using only FDA approved materials. The plate and utensils do not contain any BPA, PVC, Lead and Paint
  • Easy clean up – Both the plate and the utensils are dishwasher and microwave safe

**Utensils and Placemat are sold separately**

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